Distributed Hashrate Protocol

The first general protocol based on distributed computing power

In order to meet the increasing demand of the computing power mining market, a disruptive new model is imperative-distributed computing power protocol, The real tokenization of computing power through contract agreements is conducive to computing power circulation and transactions, helping more users to participate with low risk and low threshold; it is conducive to attracting more funds to enter the computing power market and promoting the prosperity of the global computing power market.

Why we are best choice?

About us

Distributed Hashrate Protocol (DHSP) is a distributed computing system created by Singapore DHSP Foundation and global nodes using blockchain technology. The Power Protocol is a distributed computing power circulation network supported by global distributed computing power as the underlying assets. Relying on innovative interconnection models such as "computing power tokenization + computing power NFTization + computing power financial services", it is conducive to the circulation and trading of computing power, and solves the current cloud computing power market's single form of computing power, lack of liquidity and The issue of flexibility helps more users to participate with low risk and low threshold; it is conducive to attract more funds to enter the computing power market, promote the prosperity of the global computing power market, and create a safe, stable, open, and non-tamperable distributed sharing Computing platform.

white paper

What are we for?

Design philosophy

We hope to create a set of universal complex mining, decentralized cloud computing power trading and exchange protocols through reasonable incentive mechanism design to solve the current The problem of single form of computing power, lack of liquidity and flexibility in the cloud computing power market has allowed the free circulation of various distributed computing power around the world.

Secondly, establish rules through smart contracts and use the diversified form of "Hashcoin + DEFI + NFT" to break the single mining barrier and further reduce users The barrier to entry makes it possible for everyone to easily participate in the mining of the encryption field and enjoy multiple benefits.


economic model

【Token Basic Information】


Distributed Hashrate Protocol There are two kinds of tokens in the Distributed Hashrate Protocol: Distributed Hashrate Protocol Token and Inhomogeneous Hashrate Token.

The hashrate protocol token of the Distributed Hashrate Protocol is DHP (it will be issued based on the Trc20 network in the early stage, and will be mapped to the Ethereum and BSC public chains in the later stage), the total amount is 300 million for incentives All ecological participants. Among them, 80% of DHP will be generated through community mining and used to reward consensus participants such as miners who maintain the normal operation of computing power, computing power token liquidity providers, and computing power NFT holders.

【Mining Mode】

  • Behavioral mining

    Users obtain platform token DHP by participating in the interesting mining game "Gear Plan";

  • Liquid mining

    Start platform token DHP liquidity mining, users can provide liquidity of multiple trading pairs to obtain platform token DHP;

  • Pledge mining

    Users can pledge mainstream assets and a certain percentage of platform token DHP as collateral to obtain more DHP;

【Token Distribution and Unlocking Rules】

  • 80% of community mining includes game mining, pledge mining, liquidity mining, etc.;
  • 10% of the protocol tab is locked for two year, and then released linearly every quarter;
  • 10% of the foundation is used for initial liquidity and community promotion, of which 1% is airdropped from the irregular community and 3% is destroyed (3% DHP one-way flash exchange is DHT and destroyed, as a "gear "Plan" seed round subscription, the subscription amount is injected into the liquidity pool), 2% provides liquidity, and the other 4% is released linearly;
  • What is the DHP Gear Plan?


Repurchase and destruction

Platform handling fee

80% of the platform fee is used to repay platform users, and DHP is repurchased and destroyed every quarter;

Gear Plan

By participating in the "Gear Plan" mining game, DHP is continuously destroyed to prove the user's contribution to the ecology, so as to obtain more mining revenue and the right to verify transactions. The simultaneous mining + destruction allows DHP Enter the extreme deflation cycle;

Hashing power NFT

Consume the corresponding DHP to participate in the blind box game, or convert the Hashrate to NFT assets.

What is our development plan?

Development plan

DHP ecosystem has established a complete business system and development route planning from its early stage. This white paper only shows the detailed development plan for the first year of the platform. With the development of the DHP ecology, the entire ecological construction and route planning in the later period will be jointly decided by the holders of the hash power protocol token DHP and the hash power NFT through voting. It is hoped that the entire ecological community will be autonomous and completely decentralized.